Counselling for Single People and Couples

Relationships can be hard, whether you are single or part of a couple. Sometimes it seems that nothing is working. You may have tried to ‘change your ways’ but before long you are back to where you are.
It’s frustrating, watching others develop a long-term, loving relationship. Frustrating and lonely.
If you are struggling with dating or finding your relationship cold and empty, then get in touch.
Together, we will explore what’s holding you back and what it is that you are really looking for. Then, we will work on ways so that you can have what you want – a long-term, loving relationship.

For Singles

Whether you’re single for the first time in years or have been on your own for a while, Singles Counselling can help.
At the first session, we investigate what you need and what might keep you from getting what you need. Then, we will discover ways you can get ‘unstuck’, moving forward.

Aukelien van Abbema

Aukelien van Abbema is a qualified Psychologist providing relationship counselling in Ashford, Kent.  She is a Speaker and the Author of Dare to Date, “An amazing read. And challenging. I did also take the course and after many years of singleness I changed my approach to dating. Successfully I add as I got married within the year, at age 39!!” Maddy Christine. 

Fully insured and registered with ICEEFT.


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