About me

Hi, I’m Aukelien van Abbema and I live in Ashford, UK with my husband and my son.

Originally I’m from the Netherlands, where I acquired a bachelor degree in Psychology, a Masters in Clinical Psychology and a Masters in Philosophy.

I’ve graduated from a two year postdoctoral education to become a licensed psychologist and I’ve finished training at the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focussed Therapy (ICEEFT) to become an internationally registered couples counsellor.

I offer couples counselling following the EFT model, helping couples to better understand and love each other.

You can read more on this model at the ICEEFT website or in Sue Johnsons excellent book Hold me Tight (Created for Connection is the Christian version of this same book). I have specialised in working with Christian couples but I will see any couple.

I’ve also specialised in working with singles who want to be in a relationship, using that same EFT model. I offer them help figuring out what’s keeping them from being in a relationship and how to change those dynamics. You can find details of my latest book at the website Dare to Date and it’s available from Amazon.

Qualifications and Confidentiality

I am registered in the Dutch BIG register, a register for Health professionals who qualify to work with clients according to a very strict regulated system (www.bigregister.nl).

I’m also registered at the ICEEFT (www.iceeft.com). I’m in the process of becoming registered for the BACP and HCPC in the UK.

Being a registered health professional binds me to an ethical framework as described for example here: https://www.bacp.co.uk/ethical_framework/.

I’m legally bound to confidentiality and record keeping within the set standards. This is to keep counselling a safe place. At the beginning of the counselling sessions I will make a treatment plan, discuss this with you and we will both sign a counselling agreement where more details are specified.

I am insured by Towergate Indemnity Insurance.