Dare to Date – the book

‘It’s Complicated’
Matters of the heart always seem to be. But dating in the church? It can be even worse.

Relationships can be difficult to define, intentions hard to discern. But with singles making up a third of the total church congregation in the UK, there is a real need to demystify the dating process and return to dating in its simplest form.

Rediscover how to date.

In this brand new handbook, couples psychologist and dating course leader Aukelien van Abbema offers guidance on how to understand yourself and your own dating patterns, how to rely on your network of friends, and how to bring God into the whole process. Filled with wisdom, stories and practical advice, this book is a freeing reassessment of the dating scene.

Begin a whole new romantic adventure filled with hope, joy and a lot of laughter.

Go on, Dare to Date.

Aukelien Van Abbema is a Psychologist, Author and Speaker from the Netherlands, currently living in the UK.

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At Christianconnection.com we have been bringing single Christians together for over 16 years. But time and time again, we encounter Christians who are afraid, discouraged or uncertain on whether or how to date. Church life can often put great pressure and expectation but without help and support. Dare to Date really addresses these issues with wisdom, faith, insight, practicality and true stories.

Jackie Elton
Founder and MD of 

If you’re swamped with guidance about dating, and just need a bit of practice advice to know exactly how to get started, then read on. Aukelien’s guidance comes out of stories and experience, which I think will resonate with many of you.

André Adefope – Head of Naked Truth Relationships and co-author of the Dating Dilemma.



Does your church teach on how to get from singleness to marriage in a godly way?
Probably not, but this book brilliantly helps to bridge that gap.
Dare to Date is essential reading for church members and leaders to further develop a much-needed healthy Christian dating culture. 
Aukelien is a Christian Psychologist who understands this topic from personal and professional experience. With God at the centre, her book warmly encourages single people with really helpful insights, stories and strategies that will improve their dating lives.

Annabel Clarke
Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society
Founder and Co-chair of the Engage Network: ‘making Christian marriage possible’



This accessible and practical book is most welcome. Rooted in deep experience of how we are made as human beings, it offers a means of interacting with others and exploring romantic possibilities which resonates with culture today. Buy it, use it and discover the adventure of dating that is both Godly and fun.

Dr David Pullinger, Director and researcher into Christianity and singleness at www.singlechristians.co.uk

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