Datingcourse online soon! Testimonial first

Hi all! I’ve been out and about for a while settling my daughter into this world safely and happily. Now that she’s almost one I’m picking up pace again. Over the summer I want to share with you the latest datingcourse I’ve been teaching in my new home in Gateway Church Ashford (UK). Filmed almost a year ago this course is the product of ten years of studying, speaking, preaching and writing about singleness and dating. I hope you enjoy watching the clips as they are published over the coming months.

If you want to use my material for your church or smallgroup you are absolutely free and welcome to do so, please just notify me and ask me for additional handout material if required. I would also suggest you use my book Dare to Date as a sort of guide through the process. Everything I mention and more is in there and reading it and discussing it will give you more opportunities to grasp the concept of dating in a healthy, productive way.

Thanks for being here and trusting me to take you on this journey!

As a taster, here is a little clip a friend of mine, participant on one of the first courses I’ve taught, did.

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