Couples counselling

Falling in love again is possible! Clients tell me so over and over again. If you are facing relationship troubles but you wonder if couples counselling is really needed you can start with a relationship check-up (consider it an MOT). For most people, a relationship check-up can be a really helpful way to assess their current points of conflict or insecurity. It can also be used to assess the basic patterns of communication. Having these clear can help improve a healthy relationship a lot.

Some people do find they have issues but are wondering if they need extensive counselling. They don’t want to commit to a long scheme of sessions but they do feel they need some help. For them a 5 session start can be useful. They can commit to these 5 sessions, weekly or two-weekly, and take it from there. For most couples with real issues research shows that at least 8 sessions are needed and usually 12 sessions will bring them in a much better place than when they started. Whatever your situation, I can work with you to help you find the best fit. And in the end it is important to be aware that we are all lifelong learners and my job as a counsellor is just to be walking alongside of you for part of your journey.

The costs for a 60 minute session are 90 GBP for couples. All first sessions are 90 minutes. I offer the following packages:

  • Relationship check-up (MOT) or intake, 90 minutes: £125
  • 5 session package, 5 times 60 minutes: £400
  • 8 session package, 8 times 60 minutes: £650

A discount based on reduced income can be discussed if needed. It is important to note that what may seem like a big investment in your relationship at the start for most people proves to be well worth it, both in time and in energy, because of the results. A safe and healthy relationship makes people thrive in all areas of life. It also makes their children, if they have any, thrive, research shows.

Just to let you know you did an amazing job on our marriage. A. is slowly recovering from his depression and started working again. You helped us to recognize our emotions and talk through them instead of avoiding them. Our sexual life has also much improved. Things are starting to fall into place. We are so thankful for your help in a time we really needed it. E and A (32&38)

Thank you for helping me through a rough time in my work and my struggles in my marriage. Although you mostly just listened to me, the advice you gave was really helpful in my everyday life. I feel much more confident in myself now and I’m happy to move forward in work and address issues when and as soon as I face them. – P. (53)