Singles coaching

If you feel stuck in being single and want help finding fun in dating again, I can help you out. A lot of the issues regarding dating and singleness have to do with fear and commitment anxiety.

Other issues can be for example: past relationships that have hurt you, shyness, focussing on everything but dating (avoidance) or fear of rejection. If you feel you need help with any of these issues I can help you focus on what keeps you from dating and how you can overcome your fears and find fun dates again. Love cannot be guaranteed, but there’s a lot of things you can do to make your chances better.

If you want to find out what it is that is keeping you and whether or not you want help with that, start with a check up session. Most people I see need an additional 5 to 8 sessions to get going again.

Sessions can be done weekly, two weekly or monthly, whatever fits your situation. I will give you a lot of homework so for most people monthly sessions are enough (and fit in their budget). Sessions are 80 GBP each. I also offer the following packages for singles:

  • 90 minute check-up of your ‘love life’: £125
  • A 5 session package, 5 times 60 minutes: £360
  • An 8 session package, 8 times 60 minutes: £570

People tell me they love working with me because it gives them many new insights in their personalities and preferences in life. A lot of them do find love, and almost all of them tell me they have new energy and fun in the process.

How to get started

A first appointment is for you to tell your story and to feel if you want to work with me, it is also for me to decide if I can help you. Most of the time the answer to these questions will be yes.

If however, I feel you are better off with another type of counsellor I will fully explain this to you and help you find more fitting help. If for any reason you feel you don’t want to proceed with more sessions that’s completely up to you.

Coming for a check-up doesn’t oblige you to anything. It is important for this kind of work to feel completely safe with your counsellor.

Thank you for your help, your attentive listening, your patience, your confronting questions and your attitude in helping me see things in perspective. It has really helped me a lot in my journey over the past few years. – C. (35)